Our complex was established in 1992 by Angela and Salvatore Lucifora, a married couple who wanted to set up self-catering beach holiday accommodation to host local holidaymakers during summer. From the very beginning, our main objective has been to create a warm and comfortable environment where our guests could fully enjoy their beach holidays in the stunning coastal setting of Marina di Modica.
Immediately after its creation, the Villaggio Lucifora – the former name of our complex – was able to establish itself as some of the highest-quality self-catering beach holiday accommodation in the area. Dedication, thoroughness, friendliness and courtesy have always been at the heart of our complex.
Over the years, our constant efforts to improve our services and meet our clients’ requirements have led to a series of modernisations to the complex’s facilities. As a result, the levels of comfort of each chalet and the whole complex have significantly increased.
In 2015, thanks also to the owners’ sons and daughters – who have always been playing a major role in the management and development of our complex – the latest and deepest structural upgrades were completed. After these changes, our complex has been renamed Angelsa – Holiday Accommodation, and is now aiming at attracting international guests for their beach holidays.
For more information about our beach holiday accommodation, please visit the Our Chalets section and have a look at our Photo gallery.